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The Tiger Lillies band history
Grammy Nomination The Gorey End Best Classical Crossover Album
Olivier Award 2002 winners
Shockheaded Peter - Winner Best Entertainment
Shockheaded Peter - Winner Best Performance in a Supporting Role in a Musical (Martyn Jacques)
"Bigger, prouder and fleshily engorged with the pustule throb of the garishly gaudy and gloriously obscene." - Ross Fortune, Time Out
"Brilliantly twisted" - The Guardian
"It's not surprising that their cult following is worldwide - a Tiger Lillies gig is a journey into wild emotion which passes right through melodrama and out the other side into bizarre beauty" - Evening Standard
All these bands are my favourites, but here is a favourite, favourite. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Tiger Lillies - Matt Groening introduction at ATP Minehead, UK May 05, 2010
There is nothing else like them. Any description of them is an injustice – they are completely peerless. - Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand
Viva La Tiger Lillies from your fan Mark Mothersbaugh/Devo
Just brilliant and utterly fantastic!! You'll never hear more perverse and twisted as well as haunting and sorrowful songs. Just get a ticket by hook or by crook, if there's any left (which I doubt) and catch them while you can. - Marc Almond
You & the boys are maximum & solid gold!! You've grown more complex + secure than ever! I am SO proud to be working w you! - Nan Goldin
The Tiger Lillies defy any singular description and operate within their own eccentric definitions. Formed in 1989, they have toured the world with Shockheaded Peter, Hamlet, The Freak Show and numerous other theatre production and by themselves, developing a dedicated following from New York and San Francisco in the US to St Petersburg in Russia. Their songs (once described as 'Surrealist Pornography') are captured on over 30 self-released albums including Brothel to the Cemetery, Farmyard Filth, Ad Nauseam, Shockheaded Peter and Circus Songs.
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By Mina Courtauld 17/5/96
The Criminal Castrati's Anarchic Brechtian Blues Trio
The Tiger Lillies are an extraordinary three piece band with a large cult following in London. They are fronted by singer Martyn Jacques who trained himself as an opera singer with a castrati style voice of heartbreaking beauty, whilst living alone above a strip joint in Soho for seven years. Accompanied by drummer Adrian Huge, whose appearance was described by David Byrne as James Joyce on drums, and double bass player Adrian Stout, Jacques plays accordion and sings savage and passionate songs about prostitutes, drug addicts and losers, his voice soaring and growling like a man possessed. Ken Campbell has described him as "the criminal castrati", and with his dickensian style of dress, long pigtail and bowler hat, his corrosive lyrics and his astonishing voice, all the while singing with his eyes closed, he makes an indelible impression. Jacques sings about life at the bottom of contemporary Britain with the voice of an angel.
The music is a startling mixture of opera, gypsy song and left bank Paris, but what really marks out this band from any other is the emotional charge and raw passion of the delivery. Because they are impossible to pigeonhole, the band has not yet had a wide commercial success, despite being picked up by David Byrne, with performances at the South Bank, as well as festivals and foreign tours, but this cannot last for much longer as their reputation is spreading very fast in the art culture underworld.
Recently they returned from a tour of the Czech Republic, with wild stories about driving around in their moss covered old car to venues that ranged from roofless shacks in caravan parks to baroque theatres. At one place Jacques was accosted by a gypsy woman who accused him of seducing her daughter, only to discover it was just a ruse to steal his wallet.
Like many of Britain's artists and musicians, The Tiger Lillies live in poverty and obscurity whilst achieving international cult status. The nineties may prove to be a time of great flowering of culture, as human voices break out of the straightjacket of style, fashion and commercial thinking that characterised years of conservative government. The emergence of this band is clear evidence that the times are changing.
Film / TV credits
The Swords - Dir. Tony Scott -1997- Songs - Whore
Plunket and Macleane - Dir. Jake Scott - 1999 - Songs - Whore, Hell, Heroin and Cocaine, Sailors
Tiger Lillies in Concert. - 2000 - NVC Arts/Ovation
Before founding the Tiger Lillies, Martyn Jacques spent seven years training himself as an opera singer with the castrati style of voice for six years while living in solitude above a brothel in London’s Soho. These were auspicious beginnings indeed for the man who would soon front this indefinably eccentric three piece band whose songs are littered with countless shifty characters from contemporary Britain’s dark underbelly. Rendering the stories of pimps, prostitutes, con-men and thieves with his angelic voice, Jacques is a one man crusade against the powers of censorship, repression, and mediocrity. Jacques’ unique musical mayhem is anchored by percussionist Adrian Huge who is not afraid to use a drum kit consisting solely of silverware and spatulas, and double bass player Adrian Stout who cavorts around the stage dressed in leder hosen and a kilt, in a bizarre tribute to the folk dances of Austria. This special night of music features the Tiger Lillies in New York performing their frenetic mixture of musical styles, including songs from their latest album Shockheaded Peter.
The Quickie - Dir. Sergej Bodrov Snr. - 2001 - Songs - Alone with the Moon, Same Old Story, Sailors,
Country Wedding aka Sveitabrúðkaup - Dir. Valdís Óskarsdóttir 2008 - Original score
The Early Years DVD - Dir. Richard Coldman 2009
This new film by Richard Coldman captures the band soon after it formed and follows them for 7 years. Contains live concert footage from 1990 to 1997, interviews, music videos and bonus material.
Tiger Lillies in Prague DVD - Dir David Čálek 2011
The new DVD documentary 'Tiger Lillies in Prague' has a bumper crop of unseen footage of the band playing shows in the Czech Republic in the 1990's. This is combined with songs from the new show 'Here I am Human' at the Divadlo Archa in 2010 and a full concert shot in HD from 2009.
The Tiger Lillies were asked by Matt Groening to arrange and play a version of the Simpsons Theme song over the closing credits of the episode.
Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. I & II - Dir Lloyd Kaufman - 2013
Troma Entertainment is pleased to announce that cult British musical trio Tiger Lillies will be featured prominently on the soundtrack for the latest Troma Team production
Theater Credits
Fungus the Bogeyman : Dir. Ken Campbell, 1995
Shockheaded Peter : Dir. Pheleim McDermott and Julian Crouch, 1998
Winner of 2 Olivier Awards 2002
Tiger Lillies Variete : Dir. Sebastiano Toma/Tiger Lillies, 1998
Circa : Holy Body Tattoo 2000
Punch and Judy : Dir. Tiger Lillies and Karen Bayerlyn, 2004
The Little Match Girl : Dir. Dan Jemmett, 2005
Mountains of Madness : Dir. Alexander Hacke, Danielle de Picciotto and The Tiger Lillies, 2006
Die Weberischen : Dir. Stephanie Mohr, 2006
7 Deadly Sins : Dir. Nathen Evens, Tiger Lillies, 2007
Sinderella : Dir. Tiger Lillies/Justin Bond 2008
Tiger Lillies FreakShow : Dir. Sebastiano Toma/Tiger Lillies, 2008
Cockatoo Prison : Dir Tiger Lillies/Steve Toulmin, 2010
Here I Am Human : Dir Jocelyn Clarke, Jiří Havelka, 2010
The Ballad of Sexual Dependancy :Dir Nan Goldin, 2010
Woyzeck & the Tiger Lillies : Dir Stephanie Mohr, 2011
Rime of the Ancient Mariner : Dir Mark Holthusen, 2012
The Tiger Lillies perform Hamlet : Dir Martin Tulnis, 2012
The Either/Or Cabaret : Dir Anders Nyborg, 2013
Lulu - A Murder Ballad : Dir Mark Holthusen, 2014
Advertisting Credits
Swimwear Advert - 'Crack', 1997
PAL Dogfood - 'Jesus', 1999
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